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Towable Carts With Top-notch Ergonomic Designs

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Rolling Stone Tech

Tugger & Other
specialty Carts
for Automotive & Industrial Plants

At Rolling Stone Tech, we design ergonomic towable carts or tugger carts. The carts are typically used within a set out track, highway, lane, highway, warehouse, and production facility for the smooth and easy transport of materials between workspaces.

With over 20-year experience, we offer our services in the US & Canada.

High Design Standards

At Rolling Stone Tech, we develop company-specific ergonomic design standards. We take pride in the selection and evaluation of new equipment and workstation designs we envisioned.

We ensure that the ergonomics is built right the first time for automotive plants to replace forklifts in manufacturing plants, such as Honda, Toyota, Magna among many others.

Rolling Stone Tech