Rolling Stone Tech

Ergonomic Carts to Carry Heavy Loads

At Rolling Stone Tech, our towable carts meet and exceed the standard ergonomic limits needed for carrying heavy loads. The tugger carts can be easily drawn and maneuvered to the line without a lot of physical exertion.

Internal Transport Made Easy

If your company is moving towards adopting a lean environment or plans to replenish the production line and work areas, the Quad Steer Cart is your best option if you require to move things around.

The towable carts, or tugger carts, are typically used to transport materials between workspaces in a warehouse or large production facility.

As complimentary to above, we also offer dolly exchange system implementation.


The carts have a proprietary design. The quad steer carts have no axles, and each wheel is independent, offering the best and balanced load support. The carts remain stable at any turning radius and speed. They are designed specifically to move efficiently within the manufacturing unit for material pick up and delivery.